My Simple Pleasure

Sometimes simplicity is the key to enjoying the best without unnecessary fuss. Fresh ingredients are what you need to feel happy and satisfied. Give me a slice of bread, good quality butter and tomatoes in season and I’ll love it like it’s the most delicious meal. Let’s add real Polish farmer cheese to the bunch and you’ll see me sighing with pleasure after every bite.

One of the Polish dishes I always have when in the countryside is noodles with farmer cheese, butter and sugar. Let me be a kid again. There is nothing more simple than a few ingredients and its combination of flavors. It’s like having cheesecake for dinner.

Boil the noodles. Then cover every portion with crumbled farmers cheese and brown butter. Cooking the butter slightly past its melting point releases a nutty flavor that adds an extra layer. You won’t want to skip some sugar. Just do it and enjoy.

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