Category: Inspiration

We are constantly inspired by the world around us that affects our lives on many levels.
What inspires me to play in the kitchen? Culinary magazines and cookbooks have always been attractive.
I learned to cook while picking photos of ready-made dishes and creating their exact reflection. It brought a lot of joy and pleasure. Cooking with variety has always been one of my favorite activities, but only if it’s not too routine. Browsing through photos and recipes is the key to fun in the kitchen.

Not only do I like admiring photos of food, I also love capturing my own.

Was it something that charmed my palate in a restaurant? Maybe it was a dish my friend served at a dinner party? Traveling, culinary blogs, perfect looking ingredients at the store or seasonal produce? Maybe a scene from a movie? Those are all outside creative impulses which could be a trigger. I’m in! Let’s cook!

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