Have you ever gone to a blueberry field and picked your own batch of fruits? We’re lucky enough to have an awesome place not far away. Just an hour’s drive and you land in the middle of blueberry heaven. It’s wise to be prepared with sunscreen and a hat to get started.

Everyone knows blueberries are delicious and nutritious. When in Poland in July, I’m sure to go to a forest and pick wild blueberries for a tasty dinner. Blueberry ‘pierogi’ or crepes are one of the most yummy comfort foods in Polish cuisine. Please give me more cream, melted butter and sugar. Eating you’ll smile and feel like a carefree child.

Obviously, it’s time consuming to pick wild blueberries. They are much smaller and grow lower to the ground than other varieties. It’s a good idea to go to the farmers market early in the morning. There is always someone who did the hard work for you.

Making blueberry preserves is very easy and pays you back. Clean the fruits, boil and pasteurize. I add just a splash of lemon juice, and you can control the amount of sugar to suit your preferences.

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